Submission: Next steps to improve Australia’s settlement and integration of refugees

Jun 17, 2022 | Policy & Research

SCoA’s submission to the Coordinator-General for Migrant Services’ recently released discussion paper: ‘Next Steps to Improve Australia’s Settlement and Integration of Refugees’ has been published. This submission makes 27 recommendations in total, identifying 10 as priority recommendations. Some of the recommendations are broad – such as having greater clarity in the principles and outcomes underpinning services; while others are much more specific, such as broadening the eligibility criteria to access settlement services.

This submission is informed by extensive consultation, including a meeting of our CEO Collective and three roundtables hosted over the course of May. SCoA has also drawn upon consultations over the past 24 months, such as our ongoing co-design of a vision and roadmap for settlement services, 220 one on one meetings, and research with over 1500 new arrivals.