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The Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) offers a range of training programs on issues important to our members and their clients. This includes our general training on the National Settlement Outcomes Standards, as well as targeted training on a range of topics. SCOA engages experts in various fields to deliver these sessions and works with them to develop the content based on feedback and input from the SCOA membership. 

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Implementing the National Settlement Outcomes Standards (NSOS) and Settlement Sector Quality Framework 

Overview of the Training 

This interactive training package has been designed to provide an introduction to staff of settlement agencies to the Settlement Sector Quality Framework (SSQF) and National Settlement Outcomes Standards (NSOS). The aim of this training workshop is to provide staff and volunteers with a starting point for understanding the SSQF and what it might mean for them and their organisation; and a chance to explore ways that they can incorporate the framework into their work. The training includes a broad range of activities such as icebreakers, activity sheets, discussion starters and case scenarios. 

Training Delivery 

This 1-day training can be delivered face-to-face or online depending on group needs and location. When delivered in person, it can have up to 25 participants per sessions and 16 when delivered online. 

Training Costs 

Training costs vary and will depend on delivery mode, location and number of participants.  

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