SCOA Submission: 2024-25 Humanitarian Program

Jun 24, 2024 | Policy & Research

SCOA welcomes the recent expansion of humanitarian places to 20,000 places in the 2023-24 Humanitarian Program. We also welcome the government’s commitment to maintain a program of 20,000 places in 2024-2025. This demonstrates progress towards the Labor Party’s 2021
commitment to expand the Humanitarian program to accommodate 27,000 people. The benefits of a larger intake include upholding Australia’s moral obligations to assist those in need, long-term economic contributions, and cultural diversity.

SCOA would be remiss if we did not also take this opportunity to raise concerns about the increasing demonisation of refugee and humanitarian cohorts in the context of the wider discussion around Australia’s migration system. Migration is a complex area for discussion composed of permanent migration streams, temporary visa grants and the humanitarian program. The value and contribution of humanitarian entrants to Australian society and the social and economic benefits they bring has been well documented.