Submission: A migration system for Australia’s future

Dec 15, 2022 | Policy & Research

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) is grateful for the opportunity to make a submission in response to Migration Program Review as we represent a community of members whose core work is helping people make Australia home. 

This submission primarily addresses question 3 and 4 of the Key questions for review.  First, we address the key barriers to the participation of migrants and refugees in the labour market. Then we address ways to strengthen public confidence in Australia’s migration program by building trust in public institutions and governments, promoting social and civic networks, and utilising communication campaigns. Then we endorse the principles outlined by the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) as underpinning our future migration system, namely that the system should be: Fair; Timely; Transparent and accountable; Simple; Informed; and Safe and supportive. Then, we urge the government to expand settlement services to ensure all migrants who come to Australia are eligible for at least a basic level of support and we urge the government to review and implement legislative and policy changes to qualification and skills recognition processes.