Submission: Australia’s Humanitarian Program 2021-22

Jun 4, 2021 | Policy & Research

Australia’s Humanitarian Program is a core component of our migration program that ensures Australia meets our humanitarian
commitment to resettle refugees. Australia’s world-class settlement services play a crucial role
in supporting humanitarian entrants as they begin their life in Australia.

COVID-19 and the subsequent disruption to the resettlement program, has had a devastating
impact on settlement services. There is an urgent need to minimise disruption to the
resettlement program and resume arrivals as soon as possible, in order to meet Australia’s
humanitarian commitments, safeguard Australia’s world class settlement services, and promote
good settlement outcomes.
This submission outlines the impact of disruption to the resettlement program, makes
recommendations to mitigate the negative impacts of disruption in the short-term, and makes
suggestions for enhancing settlement services in the medium to long term.