Settlement is about supporting every aspect of life. Whatever you do, there is a way your organisation can help. Whether you have a clear idea or just want to talk through an idea SCoA can help. Fill out the below form to get started.

Settling in a new country is complicated. SCoA understands this process and has identified ten key areas for effectively facilitating settlement. If you’re wondering how you can help you can scroll through the ten standards to get started.

Education and Training

Enable newly arrived people to
access and participate in high quality
education and training pathways.


Help newly arrived people achieve
positive employment outcomes,
supported by services which are
responsive, diverse, sustainable
and effective.

Health and Wellbeing

Promote positive health and wellbeing outcomes for new arrivals, ensuring they
are fully engaged in effective and
responsive health and wellbeing
programs and services, including
primary prevention and early
intervention programs.


Facilitate appropriate, affordable and long
term housing. Ensure housing is available and
accessible for newly arrived people,
within reasonable proximity to
social and community supports and
employment opportunities.

Language Services

Ensure consistent translating and interpreting
services, and a wide range of high
quality translated and interpreted
resources, are widely available
and accessible for newly arrived


Organise affordable and accessible
transport options are readily
available to newly arrived people,
to facilitate their social and
economic participation, and

Civic Participation

Encourage the Australian community to allow newly arrived people to fully engage and participate in,
and exercise their individual
and collective rights and
responsibilities under the law

Family and Social Support

Support newly arrived people to establish and
maintain safe, healthy, positive
and meaningful family and social
relationships throughout their
settlement journey.


Champion newly arrived people’s
access to the legal and justice
systems, in order to ensure the
realisation of their rights and


Make sure newly arrived people are able
to confidently navigate the
financial landscape, and make
good decisions that enable their
financial and material wellbeing.

STart your Journey of change


Work with our sector to employ new arrivals in your organisation and throughout your network – Email for more


Support new arrivals through donations


Work with settlement providers to provide a new home for those fleeing crisis.