Carole Pondevie- Lay

Carole Pondevie-Lay is an English as an Additional Language (EAL) educator having over twenty-five years involvement in the Adult Migrant English Program and the community education and settlement sector with experience in resource development and building community and industry partnerships to enhance education and employment pathways  and settlement outcomes for newly arrived migrants and refugees.

In 1997 she commenced at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT) as an EAL teacher in the YAMEC (Young Adult Migrant Education Course) program and was instrumental in developing the MACELP (Mother and child English Language Program) model.  Carole worked from 2011-2017 for the Jesuit Social Services where she coordinated educational programs for asylum seekers within the Jesuit Community College.

Returning to Melbourne Polytechnic in 2017, as the Community Liaison and Engagement Manager, she oversees the  Volunteer Tutor Scheme and supports Melbourne AMEP providers to develop, build and sustain partnerships with government agencies, settlement service providers, industry partners and community groups.  Carole has a specific interest in Youth and developing innovative delivery in the AMEP. Carole is committed to supporting collaborations between AMEP, HSP and SETS  providers, recognising that the work done collectively in accompanying newly arrived migrants and refugees to settle and prosper in Australia on their own terms, contributes to individual successes and helps build a more cohesive Australia for all.

She volunteers as the group leader for a community supporter group who are supporting a newly arrived family from Afghanistan through the CRISP and is Vice President for the Parent Child Mother Goose Australia Association.