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Sydney Multicultural Community Services


Sydney Multicultural Community Services (or Sydney MCS) is a registered charity, community based and not for profit organisation. Sydney MCS provides a range of community services in response to identified needs of people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Originally established in 1981, Sydney MCS focuses on providing specialised support services for the direct relief of suffering and enhancing the quality of life of people from CALD communities, including the aged, newly arrived migrants and refugees and those in crisis, suffering from language barriers, isolation, frailty, disability, sickness, dislocation, poverty, disadvantage, destitution, misfortune and helplessness.

Sydney MCS’ main objectives are:

  • To encourage and facilitate development and empowerment among ethnic communities
  • To promote and facilitate participation and cooperation between ethnic communities
  • To develop and enhance greater understanding amongst funding bodies and local service providers of the needs of CALD communities and ethnic groups
  • To provide direct aid and support to CALD members of the community.

Contact Sydney MCS:

3 General Bridges Crescent Daceyville NSW

p: 02 9663 3922

e: eo@sydneymcs.org.au

w: www.sydneymcs.org.au