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Our Race

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Our Race is a social enterprise, which specialises in cultural diversity and anti-racism training and strategies that impact storytelling to challenge the dehumanisation and racism towards people in the community.

The sessions go beyond cultural competency with key focus on acknowledging ones own culture and experiences, unconscious bias and ones own understanding of discrimination. Our Race creates safe spaces to colleagues, clients and community members where discussions to challenge stereotypes begin to take place and address its barriers. Powerful storytellers from migrant and refugee backgrounds are also used to provide participants with insightful lived experience.

The process of developing training include drawing research in the fields of community cohesion, anti-racism, storytelling and cultural diversity training and leadership, and in working closely with universities and peak community organisations.

Contact Our Race:

16a Pile St Dulwich Hill 2203 NSW

p: 0468 648 838

e: doug@ourrace.com.au

w: www.ourrace.com.au