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African Women’s Federation of SA

The African Women’s Federation of SA (AWFOSA) is a community-based organisation which aims at empowering African women by equipping them with skills and knowledge that they need in order to be active participants, and contributors, in their local and wider Australian Community as far as in, socio – economic, cultural and political aspects.

The Organisation, also provides core settlement services to ensure these women and their families successfully integrate into the Australian society.

It provides a range of services such as intensive casework, youth settlement services, community connectedness, strengthening relationships programs, advocacy and networking, group sessions on relevant topics such as personal wellbeing, parenting, disability awareness etc.

AWFOSA promotes a holistic approach to the needs of refugees in particular African women. It is Proactive and also responsive to the needs of its clients. In order to achieve its objectives, AWFSA has two paid workers, who are doing a marvellous job in keeping abreast with the demands and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

This Program is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Social Services Settlement Engagement & Transition Support Program (SETS).

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