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New Humans of Australia – Do you have a story to share?

What is the purpose of New Humans of Australia?
NHOA is a storytelling project that seeks to reduce discrimination towards migrants in Australia.
What is the criteria for interviewees?
The only criteria for interviewees is that they were born overseas. Success stories and other inspirational stories are preferred but are not the only kind of stories told. The overall goal of the project is to reflect the migrant experience as a whole. The stories of new arrivals who are still in the settlement process are just as important to tell as those who may have been here for longer and achieved more.
How do interviews work?
Interviews take place on Skype or similar with Nicola Gray, an ex English language teacher who has worked in the AMEP, and is familiar with understanding different levels of English and accents. Interviews usually take 30 minutes. There are no specific questions. The person will be asked to tell their story about migrating to Australia and about what they are doing now. The story is recorded (audio only). The person is welcome to use a translator if they have someone available to help them.
What is the next step?
The story will be transcribed and then edited down to be as short as possible for social media. The story will then be sent to the interviewee to ensure they are completely happy with it before publishing. If necessary, a second interview will take place to adjust the story. The interviewee will also be contacted by a local volunteer photographer who will organise a time and place for a shoot.
Where is the story published? 
Stories are published on Facebook, Instagram and the New Humans of Australia website. All comments are closely monitored and any offensive comments are removed (this is rare). The story may also be included in the next copy of the New Humans of Australia book.
It would be much appreciated if you could encourage any client who has an inspiring story to tell to complete this questionnaire:
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If you have any further questions, please contact Nicola Gray on