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My Health Record

SCoA is working with the Australian Digital Health Agency to develop information and resources on My Health Record. These resources are specifically for the settlement sector, to help newly arrived Australians and people from CALD backgrounds to have the best possible outcomes when using My Health Record.

We have information about My Health Record, its privacy and security and other useful resources available on our website.

On 17 April, SCoA and the Australian Digital Health Agency hosted a webinar specifically for the settlement sector, aimed to help our members to better understand My Health Record and what it means for newly arrived communities. This webinar is free and available on our website. To view the webinar, click here 

SCoA has also attended and presented at forums and community consultations about My Health Record. In February, SCoA attended a forum where we emphasised the unique and diverse needs of newly arrived migrants and refugees, and CALD communities in accessing information about, and using their My Health Record. In particular, SCoA highlighted the need for in-language and translated resources and communication, and to explore different avenues of disseminating information, such as social media, video and audio resources. SCoA recently attended and presented at the Australian Digital Health Agency’s recent refugee forum in Brisbane. The feedback from this consultation identified benefits and challenges for people from CALD communities when using and having a My Health Record. To see more about the feedback from this workshop, click here.

We are also seeking member feedback about how their clients may use My Health Record, and the benefits and challenges of using it. If you have any feedback you would like to give us, please contact us.