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CASS – Chinese Seniors Health Gala

Hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by the hep B virus. It’s the most common liver infection in the world, usually passed on from mother to baby, or through exposure to the blood of someone with hep B.  Hep B can lead to liver cancer, liver failure if unmanaged or untreated. Many people with hep B don’t know they have it because the virus doesn’t show symptoms in most people.

Most Asian countries are high risk area for hep B.  Chinese migrants, particularly seniors face higher risk in this epidemics because testing and vaccination were not available at their birth.  CASS in partnership with Hepatitis NSW organised a health gala for Chinese speaking migrants in Sydney on 3 May 2019.

In addition to liver health education and fibrescan delivered by doctors, there was exciting cultural performance including singing, dancing and tai chi.  The purpose of such combination is to show learning about hepatitis B is not horrible and we can all face it in a positive way.  This help to reduce stigma on the disease and more people is willing to come forward and be tested.  More than 200 participants attended the event and feedback was very positive.