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Australian Cultural Orientation (AUSCO) training video

Australian Cultural Orientation (AUSCO) training video – An Australian Settlement Journey

The Department of Social Services has developed a new video resource that follows refugee and humanitarian entrants through the first steps of their settlement journey in Australia.

AUSCO is provided to refugees prior to their departure for Australia and aims to prepare participants by providing them with necessary information to enhance their settlement prospects and create realistic expectations of life in Australia. The training video supplements AUSCO course content by providing an overview of life in Australia and an introduction to the services available to refugees in the initial settlement period.

Filmed and produced by SBS, An Australian Settlement Journey follows Humanitarian Settlement Program participants from airport arrival through their first months in Australia. The video aims to demonstrate the settlement process by capturing the emotions, challenges and expectations often confronted by refugees upon arrival. The video follows refugees as they undertake settlement procedures such as registering for Centrelink, attending medical appointments and interacting with caseworkers and interpreters. The video explores the journey of both newly arrived refugees and those who have lived in Australia for many years as they reflect on their experiences.

An Australian Settlement Journey is available for online viewing on the Department’s YouTube channel with voice-overs and subtitles in English and nine foreign languages via the link below:

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