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SCoA calls for reforms to jobactive – Senate Inquiry – 14 Nov 2018

On Wednesday 14 November 2018, SCoA CEO Nick Tebbey appeared before the Senate Education and Employment References Committee to give evidence on SCoA’s submission to the Committee’s inquiry into the appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of jobactive.

While recognising the government’s strong commitment to funding employment services in Australia, SCoA has used this opportunity to call for structural reform to the employment services system to ensure the best possible long term employment outcomes for all job seekers.

Speaking in particular about the experiences of new Australians within the employment services system, SCoA highlighted the need for culturally competent service delivery which takes into account a job seekers’ personal circumstances as well as any skills, experience and qualifications they hold, to ensure appropriate employment opportunities are secured that match job seekers’ long-term career aspirations.

Of utmost importance, SCoA takes the view that it is crucial that the employment services system shift its focus away from compliance to allow a more individually tailored, flexible and supportive system that focuses on a job seeker’s “job readiness” and ensures all relevant aspects of the settlement process are accounted for as part of a job seeker’s transition into employment.

Read SCoA’s opening statement to the Committee here: Settlement Council of Australia – Senate hearing – opening remarks

Read SCoA’s submission to the Inquiry here: Settlement Council of Australia – Submission to Senate – 28 Sept 2018