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IABBV Hindi School

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The Indo-Aust Bal Bharathi Vidyalaya-Hindi School Inc (IABBV Hindi School) is a volunteer run Hindi school providing Hindi classes for mgrant children and adults. Their volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds.

The goal of IABBV Hindi School is to promote the learning of Hindi, and knowledge of Indian culture to Hindi-speaking Australians. By preserving Hindi language. IABBV contributes to providing self-confidence, respect for others and appreciation of Australian multi cultural heritage. Aside from providing Hindi classes, IABBV Hindi school provides events, support groups, students work support and online learning. Their goal is to promote the learning of Hindi and knowledge of Indian culture, preserving the language and culture of Hindi-speaking Australians.

Contact IABBV Hindi School:

8 Brigalow Place, Westleigh NSW 2120

p: 0412 283 667

e: info@iabbv-hindischool.com

w: www.iabbv-hindischool.com