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Community Migrant Resource Centre


Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) is a not for profit community based organisation established to promote a just, equal and inclusive society where individuals are valued, contributing and self-sufficient members of Australian Society.

CMRC coordinates the development and provision of a range of services for newly arrived migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants and it offers services such as

• Settlement advice, information and referral services.
• Community development activities to enhance the capacity of communities to participate in the broader Australian society.
• Information and training sessions for migrants to increase their knowledge and understanding of services and thus increasing access to services.
• Working in close partnership with local and regional service providers (both government and non-government) to enhance service awareness and capacity to address the needs and issues of migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants.
• Networking with local and regional services to improve access, equity and participation.
• Use of centre facilities by community groups for meetings, educational, cultural and recreational activities.

The CMRC employs the use of bilingual workers to deliver these services.

Contact CMRC:

Level 4, 1 Horwood PlaceParramatta NSW

p: (02) 9687 9901

e: admin@cmrc.com.au

w: www.cmrc.com.au