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Department of Home Affairs Consultation: Australia’s 2019-20 Migration Program

After releasing its discussion paper on the 2019-20 Migration Program, the Department of Home Affairs  held an annual consultation into the planning of the Migration Program on 24 January 2019.

The roundtable was held in Sydney where SCoA Settlement Sector Development Officer Jamila Ahmadi  together with representatives of approximately 15 other industry stakeholders, engaged in a high-level discussion with departmental representatives about the future of the migration program and the impact that recent changes have had on security, stability and, importantly, settlement prospects for all migrants.

SCoA took the opportunity to press for a more holistic consideration of settlement, and called for decisions impacting all migrants to be viewed in light of their long-term settlement prospects. It is SCoA’s strong belief that further investment in services that assist the settlement of all migrants will have significant benefits, both for those migrants and, importantly, for Australia as a whole. We will continue to press this point in future interactions with the department.

SCoA has developed a comprehensive response to the discussion paper and made a submission to the Department of Home Affairs on 31 January 2019.

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