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Australian Human Rights Commission – Refugee Sector Stakeholder Roundtable 22 November 2018

On Thursday afternoon, 22 November 2018, the The Settlement Council of Australia  was invited to the Refugee Sector Stakeholder Roundtable at the Australian Human Rights Commission in Sydney.

The Stakeholder Roundtable was an opportunity to discuss the current and future directions for the Commission’s policy work and projects. The stakeholders also discussed the priority areas and strategies to improve human rights law protection in Australia, particularly in relation to people of refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

The roundtable consisted of many experts who shared their knowledge and expertise in relation to protecting people of refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. The esteemed participants included, Professor Jane McAdam – Director of Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, Susan Ryan – former Age Discrimination Commissioner and Disability Commissioner, Mr Edward Santow – Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Thomas Albrecht – Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Canberra and many other outstanding experts. SCoA was pleased to have the opportunity to join them in this important conversation.

During the roundtable, SCoA reiterated the importance of focusing future projects and policy works on the issues that some of the refugees and asylum seekers face when settling in Australia such as access to justice, fair employment and access to education.

The roundtable was a great first step for refugee sector stakeholders to gather and discuss the future directions for possible policy work and projects with the Australian Human Rights Commission.