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Consultation: Australia’s 2019-20 Migration Program – Jan 2019

Call for Submissions – closing 31 January 2019

The Department of Home Affairs is currently undertaking its annual consultation into the planning of the Migration Program.

The department has released a discussion paper (attached below) which asks interested parties to consider a range of issues that impact the current migration program and also planning into the future. It sets out a number of questions, which can guide the development of submissions and are reproduced here for reference.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their answers to these questions, as well as any other relevant comments, by 31 January 2019 to

SCoA will be developing a comprehensive response to this discussion paper and welcomes any input from our members. If you have any comments, queries or concerns, please direct them to our National Office at by no later than 24 January 2019.

Australia’s 2019-20 Migration Program Discussion Paper

Questions for consideration in developing your submission

  1. Would maintaining the current composition of the permanent Migration Program, approximately 70 per cent skilled immigration and 30 per cent family immigration, strike an appropriate balance that maximises the benefits of immigration for all Australians in 2019-20?
  2. How can Australia maximise the economic outcomes from the Skill stream in the 2019-20 Migration Program? What should the balance between skilled categories be in order to best meet the needs of Australians in 2019-20?
  3. Is the current size and composition of the Family stream appropriately balanced between partners, parent and other family? What should the balance between family categories be in order to best meet the needs of Australians in 2019-20?