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Multicultural Youth Australia Census: Report Launch – Jan 2019

The Multicultural Youth Census Status Report 2017/18 was produced through a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, MYAN Australia and a range of government and community organisations from around Australia. This Report is the first national study of its kind presenting rich insights into how young people from diverse cultural backgrounds are faring socially, economically and culturally.

1920 young people aged 15-25 from migrant and refugee backgrounds took part in the research, sharing their opinions, values, concerns and aspirations. These contributions help to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by young people from diverse backgrounds. The key findings were:

  • Multicultural young people are incredibly diverse and express their identities and attachments in a myriad of different ways.
  • Multicultural young people articulate high levels of belonging to Australia, and to other local, institutional and social spaces.
  • Multicultural young people are highly optimistic about the future. However, this optimism declines with age and time spent in Australia.
  • Racism and discrimination is a key area of concern, particularly at school and in the workplace.
    Multicultural young people have strong but complex connections to their families.
  • Multicultural young people are highly engaged across a range of cultural, civic and social activities.

To read the report, click here