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Open for applications — Scholarships for Women in Finance and Economics: Administrative Service

The Australian Government is inviting applications from an organisation(s) or consortium to apply for grant funding to administer and manage the delivery of the Scholarships for Women in Finance and Economics program across Australia. The objective of the scholarships is to encourage more women to study accounting, business, finance and economics, or to renew, upskill or refresh their skills in these areas. This will assist more women to enter, re-enter and achieve leadership roles in the economics and financial services industry. In particular, the scholarships will focus on supporting more women from disadvantaged backgrounds studying economics and related fields, including women who:

  • are re-entering the workforce
  • have low socio economic status
  • are mature age or young
  • are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • are new migrants
  • are living in rural and remote areas.

Applications close 17 November