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Emerging Minds – Supporting staff to work with children and families with complex needs: A checklist for organisations

This paper provides managers, practice leaders, and other decision-makers with practical guidance on supporting staff to work with children and families with complex needs. It will be useful in a broad range of health and welfare organisations, particularly those not specifically designed to work with clients with multiple interrelated problems.

Many people who access health and welfare services present with multiple interrelated problems. Unfortunately, frontline staff are not always adequately equipped or supported to work with such complex cases, which can undermine their confidence and ability to work effectively. This paper reflects on the critical domains in organisations that allow for the recruitment, development and ongoing support of staff who are confident and skillful at working with children and families with complex needs. The information in this paper is provided in full acknowledgement that organisations operate within complicated policy and funding environments, which in place limits on what they can be expected to offer and achieve.

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