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Why Australia is the world’s most successful multicultural society – McKell Institute – Dec 2018

The Mckell Institute is a progressive research institute dedicated to providing practical and innovative solutions to contemporary policy challenges. The recent publication by the Mckell Insititue covers the topic of ‘Why Australia is the world’s most successful multicultural society’ written by economist, Esther Rajadurai.

The Mckell Institute has written about the strength of Australia’s multiculturalism in a detailed discussion paper. This discussion paper investigates the questions around ‘Why Australia is often referred to as the ‘most successful multicultural country on earth’. What does this really mean? And how is this success measured?

Some of the findings of this study state that the ‘Research clearly indicates the positive economic and social benefits of migration to a society as it improves economic growth and strengthens the Government’s fiscal position through tax revenue and increased participation in the workforce.[1]

This study also recommends ‘It is also necessary that current economic and social policies address the growing needs of migrants in that they receive adequate social assistance and are successfully integrated into their respective communities in order to help better alleviate the stresses of migration and working in a new culture.’[2]

Read the Report here

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