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ACOSS Launches Federal Election Policy Tracker

ACOSS Launches Federal Election Policy Tracker
Let’s focus on policies, not personalities

With three weeks to go until the Federal Election, the community is quite rightly asking: will my vote make a difference? What is really at stake?  This Election shouldn’t be about personalities – baseball hats, running shoes, or beers – but policies. What would the blokes in hats or running shoes do if you elected them to form the next Federal Government?
Don’t miss the real story. ACOSS has now produced our Federal Election ACOSS Policy Tracker to help you keep track of the policy announcements of the key political parties. We encourage you to share the tracker and ACOSS election commentary on social media in these crucial last weeks of the Campaign.
With a focus on tackling poverty and disadvantage, the ACOSS Policy Tracker will help you work out what the political parties would do if they were to form the next Federal Government.  How would the lives of people who are really struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their head be different?
The ACOSS Policy Tracker has been prepared based on our independent analysis of policy proposals, drawing on correspondence we have received to date, and public announcements. We compare the policy offerings with ACOSS policy proposals in the following key areas:
  • Income support to get through tough times and real help to find employment
  • A secure, affordable home for everybody
  • Action on climate change and affordable, clean energy
  • Quality health and community services
  • Funding for our future
  • A strong voice and a thriving democracy
The ACOSS Policy Tracker will be regularly updated as new announcements are made and further correspondence is received.
As well as sharing these resources, we also encourage you to lift your voices at this important time in the interests of a more inclusive Australia in which wealth is fairly shared, people are lifted out of poverty and everyone is treated with respect by governments and services.