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In Our Own Voices Concert by AMRC and MECCSA: 24 March 2018

On Saturday evening, 24 March, member organization’s the Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) and Middle Eastern Communities of SA (MECCSA) hosted a concert at the Adelaide Festival Centre. In our own voices, was a vibrant and cheerful concert of music, songs, dance, poetry, and stories from people of Afghan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanese, Kurdistan and Syrian background.

The exhibition, book launch and concert were attended by over 600 people.The Adelaide Festival Centre, captured the true essence of multiculturalism on Saturday evening. The crowd cheered and sang along to the songs of their own mother tongue. Dance performances by the Syrian, Iranian and Hazara Youths captivated the audience, followed by beautiful poetry and stories of individuals who have experienced the journey of a refugee. Refugee and migrant artists were provided with an opportunity to showcase their talents, in front of a wide audience.

SCoA thanks MECCSA and AMRC and congratulates them on hosting a beautiful concert. We look forward to many more in the future.



Photos credit: AMRC