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UNHCR Reception: World Refugee Day

On Thursday, 21 June 2018, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees hosted a reception in Canberra, Australia to mark World Refugee Day.

The Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Thomas Albrecht welcomed the guests and spoke about the importance of World Refugee Day. He is inspired the guests to look at the lives of the refugees and encourage government and organisations to continue their support to the increasing plight of more refugees world wide. The guests were composed of diplomatic corps and foreign state representatives from embassies and missions in Australia, as well as Australian officials, and NGO and settlement sector representatives.

The keynote speaker of the evening, Ms. Nyadol Nyuon spoke about her journey to Australia more than 10 years ago, the struggles, the triumph and settling into her new home, Australia. Nyadol spoke about her experience in Kakuma, in northwest Kenya, one of the largest refugee camps in the world. In her inspiring talk she highlighted how her mother placed her education first even when living in refugee camps, and placed her children’s future before her own life, which led them to Australia. Nyadol’s mother left her family, friends, culture and language so that her children could have the opportunities in life which were denied to them.  Nyadol, now a Lawyer in Melbourne continues to inspire many young refugees to work hard when given the right opportunities in life.

SCoA hears what Nyadol Nyuon is saying that “refugees do not leave home if home is not safe,” and every moment away from home is a sacrifice made because somewhere else is now safer than home. Therefore, in the settlement sector and in collaboration with government and many agencies, we continue to improve and better our work in providing the best possible services available.

The reception concluded with fruitful discussions.



Monica Bolodo-Taefi and Jamila Ahmadi



Mr. Thomas Albrecht

Ms. Nyadol Nyuon