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NSP NSW Showcase: 7 November 2017

On the 7th of November SCoA attended the NSP Showcase held at Settlement Services International. The NSW NSP began in 2015 as a consortium of organisations, led by the Settlement Services International (SSI), to deliver settlement services for refugees and migrants in NSW, as part of the Department of Social Services’ Settlement Service program. To give a snapshot of the NSP in 2016-2017, 1176 group sessions were delivered, over 3200 casework sessions delivered and 11 622 instance of referral, advice and information were provided.

The day covered an array of an insightful youth panel sessions, an audience Q&A, and many strong examples of the outcomes of NSP were showcased. The audience witnessed a beautiful drumming performance which was led by a group of young people from refugee background which helps with trauma healing and is therapeutic.  To top it off, the participants were spoiled with mouth-watering Iraqi banquet from a catering business supported by SSI’s Ignite program and social networking.

The NSP provided us the opportunity to witness the commitment and hardworking team of SSI and the NSP organisations. Over 50 people had attended the event and all were very satisfied by the end of the day.

For SCoA it provided us insight into the NSW settlement services and also the areas of concern in the area of settlement. For example a discussion that took place during one of the panels were centered on the importance of the three E’s: Education, English, and Employment. An addition to the E’s were suggested due to gaps to also include Extra-curricular and Entrepreneurship.

Overall, the SCoA Team represented by Monica and Jamila, had a fantastic time at the NSP showcase, meeting new people and our lovely members.

We can’t wait until we visit NSW again!

We look forward to the 2018 events in NSW.


A beautiful drumming performance which was led by a group of young people from a refugee background.