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Bounding Plains to Share Welcome Reception: 14 February 2018

Cassie and Jackson from Bounding Plains to Share with MARSS ACT Chairperson Andrew Alwast and SCoA CEO Nick Tebbey

On Wednesday, 14th February, SCoA and member organisation Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services ACT (MARSS) hosted a morning tea and welcome reception for Canberra runners Cassie Cohen and Jackson Bursill, from Bounding Plains to Share.

Cassie and Jackson have been running 4000km along the East Coast of Australia, from Cooktown to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne. As they do so, they are sharing the inspirational stories and experiences of refugees who have come to Australia, and correspondingly promoting a greater understanding of, and positive attitudes towards multiculturalism in Australia.

The Canberra locals have been on the gruelling 4000km journey since 23rd November, 2017. They passed through the MARSS Office on Wednesday morning, with only 705km of their journey ahead of them!

A question and answer session hosted by SCoA CEO Nick Tebbey provided a clearer picture of the challenges faced throughout their journey so far, and why they embarked upon the gruelling journey.

The pair revealed they had faced numerous challenges throughout their 3000km journey so far, including unexpected obstacles like broken bridges resulting in a swim, equipment issues, and the sweltering Queensland summer heat. This was however immediately recognised as incomparable with some of the experiences of people they had met and interviewed along the way.

The individuals interviewed by Cassie and Jackson had commonly experienced different types of hardship in their journey to start a new life for themselves or their family in Australia. They also had extraordinary and inspirational stories to share, both about their journey to Australia and what they have achieved in building a new life here.

Expected to arrive in Melbourne in just over two weeks, Cassie and Jackson are looking forward to a small break before they return to normality, but are looking forward to further opportunities to continue to support people from a refugee background and promote multiculturalism in Australia.

Good luck for the rest of the run!