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Community Refugee Sponsorship – Research Opportunity

Community sponsorship in Australia – opportunity to participate in research

PhD candidate Khanh Hoang at the University of New South Wales is seeking volunteer research participants in order to learn about Australia’s approach to resettlement and private/community sponsorship of refugees. The researcher is interested in interviewing people who were involved with the Community Refugee Settlement Scheme (CRSS) that ran from 1978-97, the Community Pilot Proposal and the current Community Support Program.

The study might be a good fit for you if you:

  • Are over 18 years old; amd
  • Speak English; and
  • Have experience with the design, development and implementation of Australia’s Community Refugee Settlement Scheme (CRSS) (1979 – 1997), the Community Pilot Proposal (CPP) (2013-2017) or the Community Sponsorship Programme (CSP) (2017- present); or
  • Were/are involved in sponsoring refugees to Australia under the CRSS, CPP or CSP.

If you decide to take part, you would speak about your experiences in a 1-hour face-to-face interview or answer a series of pre-prepared questions via email.

If you would like more information or are interested in being part of the study please contact:

Khanh Hoang


Phone: 0422 401 867