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Chatloop Crowdfunding Campaign – October 2018

Chatloop connects people from refugee backgrounds to volunteers via a messaging app for convenient English practice. The language learners connect to a trained volunteer and together they have a chat or play a game through text and audio messages. These communicative activities can last for over a week, because they only send one or two messages a day. When the activity is finished, the learners are immediately connected with a new partner, for another activity.

We’ve piloted the Chatloop concept using the off-the-shelf messaging app WhatsApp. This pilot program has been limited in scale, but the results have been very positive. Our next step is to build a Chatloop app to increase privacy and to get Chatloop into the hands of all refugee language learners, not just those lucky enough to be on the pilot program. To turbocharge the development of this app, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign in October 2018. Your contributions will help connect refugees with volunteers all over the world, breaking down barriers, reducing social isolation, and giving them the chance to be successful in their new communities.

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