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Addressing Barriers to Employment - SCOA Discussion paper

This discussion paper is put forward to stimulate conversation about the role between employment and..

SCoA Submission - Strengthening the Test for Australian Citizenship

Date Submitted : 02-Jun-2017

Themes : Submission Citizenship Test

SCoA believes that Australia should be proud of its multicultural community, and should recognise the role of settlement services in supporting newly arrived migrants. Our members witness firsthand the true value of the contribution made to multicultural Australia by those it welcomes as migrants, as well as the challenges those people face when attempting to settle in their new communities.

SCoA is concerned about the impacts of the proposed changes to Australia’s citizenship procedures on the settlement prospects of migrants, irrespective of their background. Our members have highlighted the fact that many of the proposed changes may be felt most acutely by humanitarian entrants, however we do not suggest that they are exclusive to this cohort.

Download the file: SCoA Submission on Citizenship - 1 Jun 2017.pdf

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The Settlement Council of Australia
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The Settlement Council of Australia
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