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Addressing Barriers to Adequate Housing - SCOA Discussion paper

This discussion paper is put forward to stimulate conversation about the role between settlement and..

SCOA Discussion Paper Sports and Settlement

Date Submitted : 05-Sep-2013

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We are pleased to share with this discussion paper on “Sports and Settlement”. This is the first in a series of discussion papers which will be emailed to you in the coming weeks. Given international focus on sports and the Olympics we wanted to add the voice of the settlement sector, and the work you do with migrant and refugee communities, to the national conversation on sports in Australia.

We hope that this discussion paper provides a useful blend of discussion and recommendations. Each community has its own needs in relation to sports, and there are also a wide range of variations between different states and towns (let alone sporting codes!). This impacts on what works in sporting programs, and what is needed to support full inclusion in sports. The benefits of participation in sports are clear. You will see from the discussion paper we have a lot of good examples to draw from in shaping future programs to support migrant and refugee communities reap the benefits of participating in sports – both on and off the field.

Feel free to send in comments, questions and continue the conversation on sports and settlement.

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