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Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes SCoA Key Messages

Date Submitted : 15-Dec-2016

Themes : Inquiry , settlement , migrant , outcomes

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration has commenced an Inquiry into migrant settlement outcomes, with submissions being accepted until 31 January 2017. While the Inquiry has been framed in terms of issues of social engagement and alleged “anti-social” behaviour, especially among migrant youths, the terms of reference that guide the committee are broad and call into question many aspects of the settlement service sector in Australia as well as the composition of the migration and humanitarian programs.

Given the broad nature of the terms of reference, SCoA urges any interested party to take the opportunity to share with the Inquiry positive examples of the effectiveness of Australia’s settlement services and the benefits of maintaining a generous and non-discriminatory migration program.

Download the file: Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes _Key Messages _Dec2016.pdf

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Settlement Council of Australia

Settlement Council of Australia
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