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Chair’s Message

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2019!

On behalf of the SCoA board and team in our national office, I thank all of our readers for subscribing to our newsletter and hope you have found each bi-monthly edition to be useful in your work this year.

This month our newsletter looks at one of the key priority areas identified in SCoA’s National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards: Access to Justice. Justice is one of the nine foundations identified in SCoA’s NSSOS, and is achieved when newly arrived communities have access to timely and relevant legal information and advice in their own language. However, we recognise the challenge migrants and new arrivals face in understanding the intricacies of Australia’s legal and justice systems and the role that the settlement sector plays in minimising barriers to access.

I hope you will benefit from the collection of stories and case studies that highlight the sector’s work and the great outcomes that are being achieved.

Best wishes

Dewani Bakkum