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Legal Information Sessions for Chinese Migrants (CASS)

Living in a foreign country is a challenge, especially for elderly migrants who have to adapt to a new environment in their old ages.  Chinese elderly usually face more challenges due to language barrier and different law and culture system.

To empower newly arrived migrants to overcome their language barrier and access relevant legal information and advice, Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS) in partnership with Relationship Australia, has arranged a Mandarin information session on ‘Plan Ahead – Senior Rights’ in West Ryde with the participation of more than 60 attendees.

An elder abuse drama ‘Mr. Liu’s House’ (about how senior migrants were struggling and facing conflicts in a foreign country) was staged before the presentation.  Most of the participants gave very good feedback and found the combinations of drama and information session very creative and useful in conveying key messages.

Furthermore, to assist newly arrived migrants to obtain knowledge in related to shopping, housing and employment, CASS has also arranged a series of information sessions on ‘Shopping and Scam’, ‘Understanding Tenants Rights and Public Housing’ and ‘Setting up a Small Business’, etc. to enhance their knowledge in settlement.