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SCoA Policy Focus – Education

As one of the nine key priority areas in the National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards, we view Education as an area of paramount importance in migrant’s settlement journeys.

For this reason, we were pleased to host an intern from the University of Sydney, Madi Cooper, in January and February 2018. Madi conducted crucial research into the current approach across Australia to education opportunities for migrant and refugee children through primary and secondary schooling. Her research built on initial research prepared for SCoA in 2017 by another intern, Divya Kaliyaperumal, who came to SCoA through the Australian National Internship Program.

Divya and Madi’s work highlights the importance of education as a settlement outcome and identifies the different approaches across the country to ensuring education needs are met. Building on this research we have identified areas in need of further exploration with a view to developing a comprehensive policy approach that will help to improve outcomes.

We welcome input from our members and other interested parties, and invite you to contact our National Office on 02 6282 8515 or if you have any thoughts or insights.

Read the initial report here.