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Better health outcomes through consumer empowerment (HCCA)

The Health Care Consumer’s Association Inc (HCCA) is a non-government, membership-based community organisation founded in 1978 with the goal of driving better health outcomes through consumer empowerment. HCCA is an advocacy organisation that looks at system issues and push for changes that will benefit all users of the ACT’s health services. Their priority areas are determined by national and local initiatives, as well as by the interest areas of members.

The HCCA team works to identify consumer needs around health infrastructure development, raise awareness of the health infrastructure development within the community and support consumer representatives involved with health infrastructure program committees. These inputs impact on decision-making. The aim of HCCA work is to provide consumers with information which increases their capacity to take ownership and control of their health and make informed choices about their future health care. By providing information and reassurance in a respectful and sensitive manner, consumers’ wellbeing and peace of mind are safeguarded. HCCA for example developed and translated some resources for cultural and linguistic diverse groups to ensure access to health information.

Promoting Health Literacy

Yelin Hung, the Multicultural Liaison Officer is conducting information sessions for community groups about Health literacy including topics such as Navigating the Heath System, After-Hours Primary Health Care options, Understanding Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme and how to provide feedback and complaints about health services. She also focused on connecting with culturally and linguistically diverse groups as well as the collection of comments, concerns and suggestions to feed back to ACT Health.

HCCA is delighted to discuss with individuals and organisation how to deliver these information to groups and workplaces.

Contact Details are below:

Yelin Hung

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