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TTL Fund contributions

The Federal Government is looking to trial new or innovative projects that improve the well-being of working age migrants and refugees through employment. Organisations can now apply for funding through the Government’s $96.1 million Try, Test and Learn Fund for innovative approaches to assisting working age migrants and refugees on income support into work.

The fund’s current focus is on four priority groups, including working age migrants and refugees on income support. The fund’s objective is to generate new insights and evidence into ‘what works’ to reduce long-term welfare dependence. Projects will be selected based, in part, on the value of the evidence that they will generate. Projects will be robustly evaluated to produce high-quality evidence about the effectiveness of projects. In this way, the fund will allow the Government to identify approaches that work, and use this evidence to inform future policy decisions.

Applications to the fund are open from now up to 28 September 2018. Information sessions on the fund will be held in capital cities and some regional centres over the coming months. More information is available here.