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My Health Record

In 2018, all Australians with a Medicare Card will receive a My Health Record, unless they opt out.

SCoA is working with the Australian Digital Health Agency to make sure Australia’s newest residents are aware of the My Health Record and their rights with respect to opting out.

On registration for a Medicare Card, any migrant (including eligible temporary visa holders) will automatically be included in the My Health Record database. It is therefore crucial that new arrivals understand the implications of having a My Health Record and the option of opting out if they choose.

Following recent developments, including attempts to enhance privacy features of the My Health Record and supporting legislation, the federal government has extended the Opt Out Period to 15 November 2018.

SCoA members are encouraged to explain the My Health Record initiative to their clients and ensure they understand the opt out process. It is possible to assist a client with this process, however the request must come from the individual (who will be required to prove their identity).

For more information about My Health Record, you can visit the website, or access further details, including collateral, on SCoA’s website.