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ATO toolkits for tax return lodgements in 7 languages

This year the ATO has developed tailored toolkits in the following languages to help people prepare and lodge their tax return:

• Arabic

• Hindi

• Korean

• Punjabi

• Simplified Chinese

• Spanish

• Vietnamese

These toolkits contain information on areas where we know taxpayers are at risk of making a mistake when they’re completing their tax return, such as work-related expenses and record keeping. The toolkits are available to download at the ATO website. The content in the toolkits is designed to be made available to your staff, stakeholders, members and networks.

The messages are provided in several formats and are suitable for communication channels such as websites, intranets, newsletters and social media platforms. Use the content relevant to your audience and channels. You can also share the full toolkit with other organisations who can use the information in their own communication channels.