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SydWest Multicultural Services

English Language Programs for Migrants and Refugees

SydWest Multicultural Services is a large community services organisation working in the Western Sydney region.

We facilitate English language skills for our refugee and other migrant new arrivals through a range of activities, including:

  • English conversation classes: these are held in Blacktown and Mt Druitt weekly with the aim of improving the everyday language skills of our clients
  • Social Excursions: these provide a supportive environment to practice English language skills with each other and with English-speakers at the various destinations that we visit
  • Homework help: while all subjects are important and we offer tutoring for primary and secondary school students, it is often English language competency that is a high priority for our young people who attend Study Centre
  • Signature projects such as Navigating Resettlement: this pilot project worked to explore young people’s creativity, study and career aspirations and in doing so, had a key focus on improving English language skills; all the youth involved reported improvements in their language comprehension and use
  • Mothers/Play Groups: reading time is an important activity in our Families program and all group activities give time to reading – teaching mothers to read to their children, teaching children to build their skills through listening and reading along with their mothers
  • Multicultural community events: SydWest runs a series of special community events for all members of the refugee/migrant communities of Western Sydney. These provide opportunity for everyone to practice their English language skills with a wide range of people, learning the nuances of dialect and accent as they navigate their way through the English language