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Naracoorte MRC

Naracoorte MRC

Every Tuesday morning, there is a new arrival of women from Afghan and Hazara backgrounds, who attend English conversational language classes at Naracoote MRC. These classes are run by volunteer teachers- Marie Davis, Gini Tidy and Venita Bator.

There has been a recent increase in students from Chinese and Thai backgrounds.  Most of these women are wives of migrants who are employed in seasonal work at vegetable farms, vineyards and Teys Australia. With the help of these language classes, the women feel more confident. They have also obtained their driver’s licence and began their study at TAFE.

The language classes originally focused on conversational English, but have shifted to writing and building their literacy levels.  With enhanced reading and writing skills, the women feel better integrated into the community.

Sima Muhammadi, the 2018 Young Citizen of the Year assists the volunteers to deliver the English classes by helping interpreter for Hazara migrants.

Last year, at a visit to the ‘Naracoorte Spinners and Weavers Group’ the women were able to apply their English language skills by interacting with the members of the local community.

The media coverage of  Naracootes English Classes have been covered by the ABC South East SA 2018. Click below to watch.

Naracoorte locals help migrants learn English

Great to show the rest of Australia the good work of Naracoorte volunteers. Our TV package about locals teaching migrants English aired nationally on Saturday.

Posted by ABC South East SA on Saturday, 7 April 2018


Photos: Students working with volunteers (Credit: The Naracoorte Herald 2018).


Photo: Hazara women with members of the Spinners and Weavers Group (Credit: The Naracoorte Herald 2017).