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Ucan2: A trauma-informed applied language learning experience

Delivered by Foundation House, in partnership with the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) and education providers, the Ucan2 program is designed to reduce barriers to education and employment for young people of refugee background.

Ucan2 teaches conversational English alongside interventions targeting emotional and psychological wellbeing, supporting improved outcomes in language learning.  Grounding language learning in workplace culture and contexts, Ucan2 equips students with relevant language for employment.  Students are given the opportunity to apply this learning by participating in retail work experience through Ucan2.   CMY peer volunteers support students with written and oral language and provide a context of language that is relevant to the experience of young people in Australia.

“Ucan2 improved our English … I learnt many things about myself and how to feel better.  I liked learning about work and Australia … I loved work experience…
– 18 Year Old student

Evaluation by the University of Melbourne found students reported improvement in confidence, resilience and English language. By focussing on the recovery of young people of refugee backgrounds, Ucan2 builds on strengths, integrating their past and present experiences to better support their language learning and future.

Visit Foundation House for visual case studies and full Melbourne Uni evaluation report.