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Community Migrant Resource Centre

Learning English for Life

Building English language proficiency is one of the activities that Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) puts emphasis on, in its delivery of settlement services for refugees and vulnerable migrants.

Not being able to communicate using the English language is a huge barrier to social inclusion and interaction. Without skills in English to interact outside the home, migrants and refugees struggle to integrate. They feel socially isolated and can find it incredibly hard to secure employment. CMRC  has a pool of dedicated English language volunteers who assist new and recently arrived refugees and migrants to acquire essential English language skills to assist them in the process of settlement and beyond.

What brings the class together is a genuine motivation to learn the common language spoken in Australia which is vital to living and participating in life in the wider community.  CMRC’s English conversational classes are delivered by motivated volunteers who derive enjoyment and pride from teaching in their own neighbourhood and researching topics to use in the classroom that are close to home for everyone. Creating lesson plans based on local events or stories, popular TV shows such as Masterchef, Amazing Race, means everyone is familiar with the subject matter, bringing together not only a shared interest in learning English, but also a communal sense of belonging.

English Class at CMRC