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Important news from Constance on the Edge

Few can forget the brilliant documentary Constance on the Edge.

Over the past two years the settlement sector, and all who are interested in the topic of settlement, have laughed, cried and most importantly, learnt, as we watched the documentary focusing on the settlement journey of Constance and her family.

Filmed over 10 years, Constance on the Edge is an unflinchingly honest portrayal of one refugee family’s resettlement story in Australia.

Brave, lion-hearted, charismatic Constance, mother of six, confronts her painful past in war torn Sudan, and risks everything in Australia so her family can thrive.

Mary, Constance’s niece, finds it impossible to find a job. Vicky, her daughter, studies every morning from 4am, hoping to get into university. Charles, 23, is struggling with alienation and depression.

Constance on the Edge gets to the heart of a contemporary untold story about the courage and resilience it takes to build new lives. The film also highlights the important role communities play in encouraging a sense of belonging and enabling participation for everyone.

Now, SCoA is very proud to have been invited to share a range of new educational resources provided by the team behind the documentary.

The team at Constance on the Edge have developed a comprehensive education resource for senior students, including classroom activities and short clips from the documentary. The resource is mapped to various curriculum areas, including CAPS,  PDHPE, History; English, Geography and EALD. It provides a great tool for turning Constance’s journey into a meaningful learning experience.

The education resource can be downloaded directly below.

You can enjoy three free clips, either directly on this page or by visiting here.

In addition to these clips, members of SCoA can access further training clips, including on the impacts of war and trauma on settlement. For access to these resources, contact the team at Constance on the Edge directly.

Finally, SCoA is very excited to share a special offer with members. The first ten SCoA members who get in contact with the Constance on the Edge team will receive a free copy of the full education package (this includes the DVD, 10 x video clips and extra resources). This will go quickly so make sure you get in touch fast!

Re-live the inspirational journey and get ready to share it with colleagues and your community!