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Social Engagement programs (Access Community Services Ltd)

Access Community Services Ltd has several programs on social engagements, varying from sports, community gardening, and women empowerment program.

Multicultural Sports Club
Industry research across the health, sporting and settlement sectors highlights the unparalleled influence sport and recreation can have in the lives of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Evidence shows that new arrivals face challenges joining sports, due to barriers such as the cultural capacity of sport clubs, transport and cost. Access’ Multicultural Sports Club (MSC) provides a fun, inclusive soft entry into sport for young people through a range of participation and development opportunities targeted at young people under the age of 25 years from all cultural backgrounds.

Over the past decade, clear links have been made between sport and successful settlement and community integration and this is certainly true for the Multicultural Sports Club and the members where sport and recreation is used as a platform to engage communities, provide social networks and serve as  a secondary wrap around service. This is done through a variety of ways including:

  • Multicultural Football League where a large number of community teams play in a friendly league to build their social connections
  • Running sports programs in schools where there is a high population of CALD young people, encouraging integration and building relationships with other peers
  • Facilitating and running different sports programs at the club fields to engage a range of different young people and provide pathways into mainstream sports, building further connections and pathways.
  • Offering officiating and coaching courses and programs to ensure young people can engage in employment through the sports area if applicable.


The Multicultural Sports Club has been highly successful in creating social connections, pathways and a place of belonging to the young people of Queensland.

For more information, contact Janelle Kirby on or 0477 470 770.

Community Garden
Access has started building the Elm Park Community Garden at Elm Park, Woodridge. The garden is designed to connect the community and build social cohesion by encouraging local neighbours, community organisations and people from diverse backgrounds to share food, culture and organic gardening practices. It is still in its construction phase and will be due to open very soon.

If you have any clients or local volunteers willing to be involved, please refer them to Annie Rutherford at

Elm Park Community Garden

Women’s Leadership Program
Access has been funded by the QLD Mental Health Commission to work in partnership with Relationships Australia QLD to engage women in a Personal Leadership Program. As part of the program, 35 women from Syrian, Eritrean and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds participated in a weekend retreat at Samford Lakes on the 16th – 18th March 2018. During the weekend, Aunty Debra Bennet took the women through a process of self-awareness and self-determination using the  Ngatana Luidha Yarning Circle Framework. The activities provided women with an opportunity to come together to learn about Aboriginal culture, reflect and set goals for the future as well as learn new techniques to enhance their resilience and wellbeing. The women thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to establishing a women’s leadership group and the next retreat to be held in June.

To find out more, contact Annie Rutherford at