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ONE WORLD FESTIVAL of Sports and Culture (SMRC)

The Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) has hosted and coordinated the Refugee week Soccer tournament since 2012, in collaboration with local organisations.

The event has grown from 6 teams in 2012, to 31 teams in 2016, with representation from community groups, businesses and organisations.

The event continues to grow and has evolved into the ONE WORLD FESTIVAL of Sports and Culture

In 2017, the festival included a soccer tournament, four FREE Sports clinics, a sausage Sizzle and entertainment.

The Event provides an opportunity for new or recent arrivals, to showcase their skills and engage with others, who they otherwise may not have contact with. CALD communities are encouraged to actively participate, in the tournaments and also various aspects of the Event, which includes photography, graphic design, DJ and music, refereeing and volunteering.

The ONE WORLD FESTIVAL of Sports and Culture, aims to bring together CALD communities and local service organisations to participate in a fun filled FAMILY day, not only as competitors in sport, but in the true spirit of FRIENDSHIP