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Connecting Settlement and Community Services (CSCS)(AMRC)

Connecting Settlement and Community Services (CSCS) was hosted by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) on Tuesday, 10 April 2018 at the AMRC Adelaide Multicultural Centre. The CSCS was attended by over 100 NGOs, government service providers, and community and ethnic leaders, who directed questions to panelists including Michael Schultz, Senior Manager – Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) and Specialised Intensive Services (SIS), AMES Australia (South Australia); Peter Begg, Educational Manager – Foundation Skills, AMEP-TAFE SA; Blur Abdulla, Acting State Manager, Australian Red Cross; and Luci Lovelock, Director of Programs and Service Development, AMRC.

This network aims to further connections of settlement and community services working with new and establishing communities.

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