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Canberra Multicultural Women’s Forum (CMWF)(CMCF)

The Canberra Multicultural Women’s Forum (CMWF) is a group that currently operates under the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum (CMCF) Inc, a peak body representing more than 100 ethnic and associated community organisations. In its work, CMCF recognised that there was a lack of specific multicultural women’s organisations in Canberra for service providers and other stakeholders to consult with.

CMWF’s aim is to represent and advocate for the interests and concerns of women from multicultural backgrounds in Canberra. Our Vision is to be an organisation based on inclusivity, diversity and centred on the participation of women from multicultural backgrounds in the wider Canberra community.

CMWF often seeks out and is sought out for opportunities to contribute to consultations in the government, non-government and corporate sectors on issues that directly or indirectly impact on multicultural women.  A current project is the series of consultations with different community groups that aim to find out about the experiences of accessing different government services such as health services, legal, housing and employment along with recommendations for improving these services.  In addition to this important data, the aim of the exercise is to also provide new and innovate ways of consulting effectively with multicultural women.

CMWF also has capacity building opportunities for multicultural women.  An example of this was a leadership event held last year in partnership with the United Nations Information Centre in Canberra that invited a prominent multicultural member of parliament to inspire the participants and this was followed by a series of training workshops on leadership skills.

Another arm of CMWF is one of celebrating success stories and multicultural women in general.  An example of this was through the International Women’s Day events that were held for the last two years.  One of which had another prominent woman politician present her motivational journey, with last year having a number of ordinary aspiring multicultural women showcase their success stories.

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